5 Things That Will Delay Your Fence Installation

You’ve done your research. You’ve shopped around. You’ve made your decision and decided on the perfect fence to complement your property. You’ve signed on the dotted line and paid the contractor. Everything’s going according to schedule to get your fence installed — until suddenly it isn’t.

At Fence Dynamics, we strive to provide our customers with the best products and services, and part of that includes a quick turnaround time. Once you’ve contracted with us, our lead time is only three to five weeks on most installs, which is at least a week sooner than most fence companies. But there are certain things which can cause delays in production and installation, and you’ll want to be aware of these whenever you’re planning to buy fencing.

1. Permitting Issues

If your property is waterfront or on a corner lot, or if the fence you’re having installed is a pool barrier, the permit will require additional review by the local building department. This can take up to seven to ten additional days; sometimes more if the plans examiner requests to see additional documentation.

2. Special Order Product

You may have decided you don’t want to look like every other house on the street, and ordered something unique that reflects your personal style. We wouldn’t dream of discouraging a customer from going with the look and feel that’s perfect for you, but just bear in mind that it may take additional time to get the product from the manufacturer.

3. HOA Approval

One of the best things about living in a deed-restricted or otherwise special subdivision is that you know everybody cares about property values as much as you do. The downside, of course, is that you can’t make a move without the approval of the homeowner’s association. They usually require a lot of documentation if you’re planning on making any improvements, and you’ll need to factor this into your timeframe when getting a fence installed.

4. No Survey

One of the most important things the contractor will need from you is a copy of your survey. This is usually included with the paperwork from the title company when you purchase and close on a property. A survey is a detailed drawing with all of the property lines and measurements clearly marked. The contractor uses this to create the site plan, showing exactly where on the property your fence will be installed, because almost all municipalities require a site plan when applying for the permit. Make sure you’ve got your survey when you’re ready to go to contract, and if you don’t have one, it’s a good idea to order one from a local surveyor.

5. Change Orders

The contract is signed and paid for and the contractor is preparing everything for the building permit and ordering your materials. But wait — you’ve changed your mind and want to go with a wood instead of vinyl fence, or four-foot chain link instead of six-foot. This is one of a contractor’s worst nightmares — a customer who wants to change the scope of work after they’ve already come to a binding agreement. That’s why we urge you to carefully consider what you really want before you sign that contract. If you need a little extra time to think about it, that’s totally okay — we’re not going anywhere! But if you do decide to make a change after contracting, we’ll have to charge a processing fee. And on top of the extra cost involved, the whole process basically starts over: We have to get you to sign the change order, pay the fees, and then we need to revise the drawing, reapply for the permit, and submit any changes to the HOA if applicable. Trust us, it’s better for everybody if you take the time to decide BEFORE signing with us.

Here at Fence Dynamics, we take pride in being the best. That means your satisfaction is our highest priority, and we take delays in completing your job very seriously. That’s why it’s important to keep all these concerns in mind whenever you order a new fence. Feel free to contact us any time with questions or concerns, or to let us know of any issues that arise. We’re committed to working with you to get the job done right!