Happy Birthday to Fence Dynamics

Fence Dynamics turns eleven years old in 2016. We’ve learned many lessons over the past decade-plus of being in the fence installation business; there’ve been a lot of processes, protocols, and procedures that we’ve compiled to form our current operations manual. In the past several years, we’ve standardized and streamlined those measures for all departments, including sales, administration, material procurement, permitting, fence construction, and final closeout. We thought we’d share some of the details with you this week about how we’ve improved our output efficiency.

  • Sales: By standardizing all procedures and providing ongoing training to our sales staff, we’re succeeding in multiple markets and geographical locations for fence installations with consistent results.
  • Administration: Streamlining data flow through the organization has led from once-duplicated tasks to the current processes of even flow and distribution of administrative duties.
  • Material Procurement: Focusing on accurate fence material takeoffs through a systematic process, we are able to reduce costs by reducing material loss.
  • Permitting: Following the individual protocols of each different municipality and county where we do fence installs has led to great efficiency and cycle time of producing accurate permits with quick turnaround.
  • Fence Construction: Tight protocols are critical in this area. The standardization of the entire construction process from beginning to end has increased our efficiency, leading to an overall increase in customer satisfaction.
  • Final Closeout: Assisting us in achieving our goal of a 21-day turnaround time from point of sale to final closeout.

At Fence Dynamics, we firmly believe that a solid operations manual is one of the main keys to continued success and growth. Well-designed protocols and procedures help to standardize operations, leading to greater overall efficiency, cost reductions, and above all, greater customer satisfaction.

Ultimately, we’re all about bringing the best products and best services to YOU, the customer. We wouldn’t be where we are today without our valued clients. Please join us in celebrating eleven years of Fence Dynamics! Feel free to contact us any time with questions or concerns, or to request your free estimate.