Gators Are Coming! Are You Prepared?

It’s almost spring, and if you’ve been in Florida for any length of time, you know what that means: Alligator mating season. They start coming out of their winter doze, and start looking for love, sometimes in all the wrong places — like your backyard! This can lead to troubling encounters between man and beast, and man’s best friend, too. You and your children as well as pets can be at risk for unwelcome interactions with these critters, especially if you’re on or near waterfront property. Schools and golf courses can also be part of alligators’ traveling plans. And if somebody’s been feeding those gators, they’ll have lost their natural fear of humans, and won’t be as quick to run if they’re approached.

AligatorsIf you’ve got kids or pets to look out for, the best line of defense may be a new fence. But it’s important to consider what kind of material you’ll want to invest in, because some creatures — like alligators — can actually climb chain link fencing. Your best bet would most likely be privacy fencing, which is available in wood or the longer-lasting vinyl. Aluminum rail fencing is also a very attractive alternative. Fence Dynamics offers free on-site estimates to home and business owners who are interested in installing an extra layer of protection at their property.

Whatever fence product you choose, always remember to treat your local wildlife with respect, and keep them at a respectful distance.